DYNAPHOS® is world-known for their professional studio lighting equipment, manufactured under high quality standards and always on the front end of innovation and development.

DYNAPHOS® offers specialized solutions to meet the needs of both digital photography, video and cinema studios.

The DYNAPHOS® product line is manufactured in over 10 countries - USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Italy, Korea, Romania, China ++

Since 2003 the brand has been represented by Dynaphos Ltd on the Bulgarian market. During that period the company has established itself as the largest supplier of studio lighting and equipment in Bulgaria. The success of the company lies in the reliability and the affordable pricing of the DYNAPHOS® products, which are highly valued by our trade partners and end buyers.

In the recent years Dynaphos Ltd. has participated actively in the photographic life of the country, mostly as sponsor of a large number of photo events and contests. In 2008 we launched the DYNAPHOS® Photo School - an initiative aimed to help amateur photographers broaden their knowledge and introduce them to the secrets of studio photography. The company organized a series of open lessons, lectures and other free events which helped Bulgarian photographers improve their knowledge on studio lighting.

DYNAPHOS® is the natural choice for:

  • Photographers who plan to equip a new photo studio because of our wide range of products and affordable studio kits.
  • Photographers who plans to renovate and add new equipment to their studio because of the universal standards our productline follows.
  • Amateur photographers with a low budget because DYNAPHOS® is the most competitive brand of photo equipment on the market.

The product range of DYNAPHOS® includes:

  • Complete studio kits
  • Studio monoblock flashes - divided into four categories, according to the individual needs of our customers
  • Portable kits - generators and flash heads for outdoor photographers as well as compact flashes
  • Accessories for studio flashes – a comprehensive range of accessories for light modelling such as reflectors, spots, softboxes, umbrellas, etc.
  • Light stands - flexible solutions for studio flashes, from tripods to complete studio installations
  • Versatile solutions for product photography - photo tables and tents
  • Backgrounds – paper, with polymer base, and textile; solid-coloured, hand painted, printed, translucent, a total of over 1000 types.